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The caves are the centre point of ancient Nazareth and the gateway to an underground city yet to be excavated.

Ancient Nazarenes built this underground city to escape being captured by Roman soldiers.

Sometime after, the caves were discovered and sealed.

Now, the caves have been rediscovered and have given us clear evidence that Nazareth was always an underground city before and long after the birth of Jesus.

In fact, the synagogue-turned-Christian-alter might well be the first church of all time.

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Holy Caves of Nazareth

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Reviews from our community
30 October 2017
This place open limitely. only at 9am and 1pm. So you should arrived here right on time if you want to visit.
"Moving Experience"
13 October 2017
A must visit for every Catholic, visiting this place for the first with my wife was one of the most moving visits in the Holy Land. Takes your back to the biblical days simplicity of the space...
"A place to hide"
19 September 2017
Religious persecution is not new. These caves show how early Christians used to live in limestone caves underground. Entry is by donation. Interesting to see. TIP: Probably 20 minutes is adequate.
Location Information
6089 St 21, Nazareth
10:00am - 4:00pm