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Saint Joseph's Church is a Franciscan Roman Catholic church in the Old City of Nazareth. It was built in 1914 over the remains of much older churches. It is located close to the Church of the Basilica of the Annunciation.
According to traditions, The Saint Joseph's Church is located over the carpenter workshop of the Holy family and house of Joseph.

The archaeological finds of the Byzantine era were preserved in the museum under the church along the isles and wells and houses that shows how the villagers of Nazareth lived 2000 years ago .
The Saint Joseph's Church was built according to the Romanesque Revival style.

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Saint Joseph's Church

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Reviews from our community
"His actual workshop!"
29 June 2018
The workshop of Joseph is below this church! We didn't get to tour through the workshop but it looks like you can. So try and ask someone. There was a lot going oin here. The main area was also...
"staid and simple, just like the man it is named after"
28 June 2018
Of the dozens of grand churches we've visited during our pilgrimage, this tiny, unassuming Church is one of my favorites (the other one is the Church of Saint John the Baptist). After the...
"The Childhood days of Christ!!"
28 June 2018
Nazareth is the place where Jesus Christ grew up and the Church of St Joseph is said to be located at the very spot where Joseph had his carpentry shop.A place for prayer and meditation,it is an...
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St. Joseph's Church, Nazareth