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Synagogue Church is a small Christian church in the heart of Nazareth known by this name because above its doorway is an embedded sign: "the synagogue."
The structure is currently controlled by the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Its floor is sunken about 1.5 meters underground, possibly built atop a Crusader church dating from the 12th century.
The church was under the control of the Franciscan until the 18th century, when the ruler Daher al-Omar passed it to the Greek Catholics.
According to Christian tradition, this church is built on the ruins of the ancient Nazareth synagogue where Jesus studied and prayed.
In addition, this is where one Shabbat day "Saturday", Jesus delivered his famous sermon (Matthew 13, Mark 6, Luke 4) based on Isaiah 61, where he declared himself as the Messiah to his Jewish village members. This sermon infuriated the listeners who dragged him to a cliff to throw him over, but he escaped.
Little is known of the years Jesus spent in Nazareth, leading scholars to describe this time as “the silent years.”
In 570 an Italian visitor described the synagogue, and reported that the original Bible was still there, including the bench where Jesus used to sit on.

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The Synagogue Church

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"Synagogue church"
29 July 2018
In the old city tucked away amid shops. We visited on a tour of churches. Great shops around as well and always greeted by friendly people.
"Inside Place"
26 June 2018
This is a synagogue which is situated at old market in Nazareth. This place is quite inside and not easily identified. Okay place.
14 May 2018
This was one of the few places in the Holy Land were crowds were not an issue, and we felt that the site was in his original state. We could "feel" Jesus getting up to read from the scrolls in the...
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6120 50-57 Nazareth