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Elbabour is one of the must-see places in Nazareth. It's located just down the road from Mary’s Well "Al-Bishara Street".
Elbabour is a big historical spice shop which opened about 100 years ago. It has thousands of delightful spices from all over the world.

The mill used to serve all the villagers, farmers and the residents in the surrounding area and all the Galilee who arrived on their camels, horses or donkeys carrying all sorts of grains and spices for the purpose of grinding, buying or selling.

Today the mill is a very large spice shop that contains all kinds of spices, beans, herbs, coffee, tea, serials, dried fruits, oils and essences. Also you can find kitchen wares, grinders, tea pots and very authentic kitchen tools.

If you are planing to make some Arabic oriental food or any kind of cooking make sure to buy the right spices you need. Some spices will make your cooking even more passion if you are planning to cook for your friends and family back home. If not, you can always take some of the spices as souvenirs!

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El babour Spice shop
Location Information
Al-Bishara 38, Nazareth
8:30am - 7:30pm