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6089 30-32 nazareth
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Children PerformancesOld City Stage (White Mosque & Mary’s Well Square) Saturday 21st Dec11:00–12:30 Rainbow Performance and workshop by Mirwa & Alaa Abu Yonis12:30–13:30 Pipe Piper Show & players from “Pele Pony Association”(Starting...
ha-bishop square
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Children PerformancesOld City Stage (White Mosque & Mary’s Well Square)  Friday 20th Dec Children Performance at (Mary’s Well Square)10:00–11:00 Rawan Haj-Yehia – Old city stage11:00–12:00 “Fuzi Mozy & Toote” – Mary’s well12:00–13:00 “Kefak...
Paulus HaShishi 133
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Children Performances Old City Stage (White Mosque & Mary’s Well Square)Tuesday 17th Dec15:00–16:00 African Drums Workshop and more - For Children16:00–17:00 Fozy Mozy Show – For Children   Musical Performance – Old City stage (White Mosque...
Al-Bishara 55
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Lighting the Christmas tree at Mery's Well next to the greek orthodox church between the 19:00 – 22:00, including the chrismass market. full of great stuff to buy, food, stalls and street performances, a Santa here and there, clowns and other...
Mery's well nazareth
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The Official Christmas Event Dates may change according to the municipality of Nazareth   17.12.18 - 22.12.18 Nazareth municipality, The Orthodox Community Council  Invite you to participate in Nazareth Christmas Market which includesChristmas...
6152 2-44 Nazareth
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The Market is an oriental bazar located near the Annunciation Church. It's a colorful, unforgettable experience for the tourist where one can both shop for souvenirs and rub shoulders with local residents.As you walk the market you will find winding...