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From generation to generation since 1974 Alsadaka (Friendship) shop, takes care of every detail to make delicious eastern sweets that everyone loves.

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Alsadaka Sweet's

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Reviews from our community
"over charging"
15 September 2017
be careful ask for your receipt, they over charge people, they never give you receipts with details, I asked to buy 1kg they gave me one and a half, I said I asked only for one kg.... they gave me a...
26 August 2017
The best sweets... especially the Kunafeh... they also have another sweets called "nasraweye".. It's yummi.. everything is so delicious.
"BEST BAKLAVA and KNAFE in Israel!!!!"
22 April 2017
"Friendship sweets" use Semneh - the Arab cuisine's fermented butter (like the Indian Ghee) so everything just tastes SO MUCH BETTER. (or should I say - SO MUCH BUTTER) :) Recommended by a foodie...
Location Information
4011 62-70 Nazareth
9:00am - 10:00pm