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Kahloon Restaurant is located behind Mary's well front of the greek orthodox church , allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of Nazareth in heart of the old city.

The Building was built by the grandfather of the owner, who runs the family restaurant and the atmosphere.
Historical importance of the place hanging with TIMELINESS.

Celebration of food and drink at the window based on the unique concept of serving dishes to the table - a burning grill where diners grill the pieces by taste .

The restaurant's menu includes grilled meats , fish , seafood and delicious Mediterranean dishes. Throughout the day can also enjoy audited very luxurious window .
The music playing in the background completes the experience - pop, rock and of course songs from the musical of the Farose .

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Kahloon Restaurant

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Kahloon Restaurant Rank #59 of 77 | Pricing level: $$ - $$$
Cuisines: Middle Eastern
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Reviews from our community
"Expensive for bad service and food"
30 October 2018
340 shekels (some 80€) for a ready-made mushroom soup, a very bad quality Tbone (and way too much done when I asked for rear), a garlic shrimps (shrimps came floating in a very acid tomato sauce), a...
"Excellence in every way!!!"
03 September 2018
I don't know if ownership has changed, but none of these photos or experiences I've read here match our experience. It begins with the images I'm sharing here below and the whole deluxe experience...
"Not as expected"
29 December 2017
The food was just ok(considering the very high standards when it comes to arabic food!), they should have used a bit less salt. Service was poor, we felt neglected the whole evening. To add to this...
Location Information
Al-Bishara 55
10:00am - 11:30pm