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Ronen is an Italian restaurant And Pizza bakery located near Mary's well. The restaurant offers very good menu of Italian food such as Pizza, Pasta, lasagna, Calzone, and much more .

Wide wine collection also available.

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Ronen Restaurant

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Ronen Restaurant Rank #6 of 69 | Certificate of Excellence 2018 | Pricing level: $$ - $$$
Cuisines: Italian, Pizza, Fusion, Seafood, European
Traveler rating
Excellent: 99
Very good: 14
Average: 4
Poor: 2
Terrible: 1
Rating summary
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Business: 2
Couples: 19
Solo travel: 4
Family: 39
Reviews from our community
"Recommended but a little disappointed 😔 "
05 May 2018
We received a lot of comments about this place, good food and service, there’s no doubt about that, the main issue is that for a pasta dish, it took them more than 20 minutes to bring it to the table...
"excellent food and top service"
16 April 2018
we found this by our travel guide led by christians, they serve excellent fresh italian Food, nice athemospere, good decor, great Service, fresh products
"best italian food in nazareth"
05 April 2018
We visit the restaurant almost once a week and enjoy delicious food, large meals, courteous service and good prices. Highly recommended.
Location Information
HaGalil 25 , Nazareth
11:00am - 10:00pm