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Tishreen is located in the centre of Nazareth (at 56, Spring Street), near the Church of the Annunciation and the Old City. The building that houses the restaurant was built in 1868 as a private home - which explains the welcoming, cosy atmosphere.

The restaurant is beautifully designed, and features pleasant background-music. Tishreen was created by the new generation of Nazareth restaurateurs - Ahsan and Musa, two young men overflowing with energy and optimism, plus their powerful desire to provide guests with an authentic tasting experience.

No little of that feeling is due to the professional chefs who have proven themselves in the culinary world, and now star in the restaurant.   At Tishreen, the cuisine is a fusion of traditional food with the very latest creations from the chefs of the world's leading kitchens. The restaurant is open every day from 12:00 until the last guest, and the menu offers its customers a rich, delightful Mediterranean menu.


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Tishreen Restaurant

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Tishreen Restaurant Rank #3 of 69 | Pricing level: $$ - $$$
Cuisines: Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Fusion
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Excellent: 367
Very good: 172
Average: 54
Poor: 19
Terrible: 16
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Business: 23
Couples: 175
Solo travel: 24
Family: 163
Reviews from our community
"Very good restaurant - not the typical arabic cuisine"
19 May 2018
We were 4 for dinner. Place looked nice though our table was outside the reach of the AC so it got a little warm. We tried a variety: Chicken liver in a sauce, a pizza, chicken cordon bleu and fried...
18 May 2018
Food was ok but we all felt like it lacked a little flavor. Also felt like the waitress was a little rushed to get the table cleared. The food is also a bit overpriced for what you get.
"Jesus Trail hiker"
10 May 2018
Great food and service in a setting with old world character. Our favorite dining experience in Nazareth.
Location Information
Al Bishara 56 Nazareth
12:00am - 12:00pm

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