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Sat, 08/03/2014 - 19:00

For the fourth year in a row, With the participation of a number of Women's poets, International Women's Day,

The eighth of March, On the struggle for women's rights and attendance.


This year the festival is held in memory of Womens Palestinian poets and writers:

Fadwa tuqan, Najwa kawar, May Ziade, Samira Azzam.


With the participation of poets: Wafa Hzan, Hanna Shawky Abu Ahmad, Faten Masarwa, amal jabareen kilani.


Audiens Language: Arabic

For More information Please Contact: Orayb Zoabi.

Location:Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Center Nazareth

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March Festival, Poetry and Women
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5070 1 nazareth
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