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Coffee House
The word 'coffee' comes from the Arabic word "قهوة - qahwah". The drinking of coffee as a hot beverage developed in the Ottoman Empire. (qahwa - قهوة عربية ). Constructions such as "Egyptian coffee," "Syrian coffee," "Lebanese coffee," and "Iraqi coffee" draw a distinction in the flavor, preparation. The coffee is boiled "cooked" and served at the morning and after dinner and also for Guests as welcome drink!

Taste and Drink Places

Taste and Drink places in Nazareth

Taste and Drink
Albasha Restaurant and cafe Located in the middle of the casanova street, the way to The Basilica of the Annunciation.
In the heart of Nazareth’s old market, in a 250-year-old building,
“Abu Salem Café” has been operating since 1914. The oldest operating café in Israel.
Kahloon Restaurant is located behind Mary's well front of the greek orthodox church , allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of Nazareth in heart of the old city.
Kitaabon book art Cafe and Gallery, is a unique restaurant located in the center of Nazareth near the Church of the Annunciation and the Old City.
Liwan culture café
Liwan culture café is a social-cultural enterprise, located in the heart of the old city of Nazareth. it designed to preserve our Palestinian cultural identity, a place is an authentic place.
Coffe Shop, IceCream, Espresso ...
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