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Despite incessant praise, Nazareth continues to surprise and delight. If you get it right, traveling in Nazareth is one of those rare experiences in life that cannot be overrated. History is everywhere in Nazareth! You can enjoy the architecture of old buildings only by taking a walk in the old city of Nazareth. You'll find archeological and historic places from the time of Jesus tell the Ottoman Period that still exists!

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It's located primarily in the highest point of the city of Nazareth, and rises 487 meters above sea level on the northwestern outskirts of Nazareth.
Peace Mosque (El Salam) was built in 1962 and it is the first mosque built after the establishment of Israel in 1948. The mosque is located in the city center to the north from the Coptic Church.
The white mosque is located at the Center of Nazareth Old Market. It is the oldest mosque in the city. The first part of the structure was built in the year 1785 and construction was completed in the year 1812.