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The white mosque is located at the Center of Nazareth Old Market. It is the oldest mosque in the city. The first part of the structure was built in the year 1785 and construction was completed in the year 1812.
Its name symbolizes purity, light and peace a message to the entire community and surroundings.
Its exquisite pencil-shaped minaret, cream-colored walls, green trim and green dome are just one example of the Ottoman architecture common throughout the city.
In the white mosque there are two prayer halls, small museum that exhibits various documents, an additional prayer hall for the women and a morgue.

Visiting is possible only with the permit of the emam of the mosque.

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The White Mosque

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"Very busy place"
07 September 2018
The White Mosque is situated in the souk of the Old town and desserves a visit. Visits are permited at some specific hours and days. Please ask the Man at the gate.
13 March 2018
So small and tucked away we could not find it at first. The ideas of the founder are nobel but the mosque itself I will not visit again.
"Interesting visit to a mosque in Nazareth"
19 November 2017
Bottom line, most people visit Nazareth because of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. It's all about Christianity but this is not a Christian city so it's interesting to visit a mosque. People were friendly...