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From generation to generation since 1974 Alsadaka (Friendship) shop, takes care of every detail to make delicious eastern sweets that everyone loves.

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Alsadaka Sweet's

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Reviews from our community
10 June 2019
Excellent service, excellent sweets selection, fantastic variety, the knafe is divine!!!! Go there and enjoy every bite!
"A Local Jem"
27 April 2019
Do you like Baklava? Do you like Knafe? Well this is THE place to go. Now parking can be a right pain, since the place is so popular, but we'll worth the hassle.
"The best knafe!"
26 January 2019
I am a big knafe/kunafa/however-you-spell-it fan, and there are a few good ones in Israel. Today I declare this one as the best. But you really have to eat it fresh - don't ever take it to eat later...
Location Information
4011 62-70 Nazareth
9:00am - 10:00pm