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Bayat is authentic restaurant of Nazareth. Restaurant right next to  Mary well and the other side is the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation.

The restaurant's staff will be happy to welcome you and provide you with service experience ,The menu offers classic dishes with a touch eastern and western cuisine style magical coming. Among the special dishes and seafood meats.



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Bayat Restaurant

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Bayat Restaurant Rank #10 of 73 | Pricing level: $$ - $$$
Cuisines: Bar, Cafe, International, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Traveler rating
Excellent: 43
Very good: 10
Average: 3
Poor: 2
Terrible: 1
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Business: 2
Couples: 14
Solo travel: 5
Family: 11
Reviews from our community
"Outstanding restaurant with excelent food"
21 August 2018
Excelent restaurant: delicious food, attentive service, clean place. Good price for the excelent food. Went with myfamily and enjoyed a The food
"Eating out in Nazareth"
19 August 2018
Excellent restaurant. The service is fantastic and the people are friendly!! The food is amazing we had the Armenian Sfiha, beef shawarma rolles and the freekeh salad all very tasty local dishes and...
"Excellent food and service"
19 August 2018
Thanks for an excellent service. Food was an experience worth repeating We had a great selection of local dishes
Location Information
Al-Bishara 60, Nazareth, Israel
9:00am - 12:00pm

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