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The New Maronite Church, located next to the Church of Jesus the Adolescent, was recently built by Christians and Muslims Donations of Nazareth in order to reply to the ritual needs of the Maronite community in Nazareth, after they got refused many times by the old Maronite patriarch from lebanon.


In Nazareth there are about 1,321 Maronites today. The new church has an impressive presentation of statues and paintings made by the Italian artists Tese and Lamagna, describing the mother's fears: war, drugs and death.


The leader of the Maronite community in Nazareth is Father Yussef Issa. Issa, who was uprooted from Birram, used to study in Nazareth as an adolescent and then studied theology and philosophy in Italy. In 1977 he was empowered as a priest and studies for 2 more years in the Franciscan Institute in Jerusalem. Since 1979 he's been living in Nazareth and leading the religious Maronite community.


Mass Hours: Saturday at 5pm or 6pm, Sunday at 10am


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The New Maronite Church
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Maronite Church of the Annunciation
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