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Vitrage Guest House is a authentic family guest house in the Old City of Nazareth. Several private rooms are available. Check our photos to get a good impression.

Description - 7 private double bedrooms (with possibility of 3 beds) with: bathroom, air conditioning. - Breakfast at the Guest House

General Information: WHY NAZARETH? - by Foad Farah (uncle of the family) 'Welcome to Nazareth, the city of Incarnation (Announciation) where the "Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us" and "Ave Maria" cited daily by millions of worshipers all over the world resounded here for the first time 2000 years ago.

See the humble home of Mary and the Holy Family, Mary's well and the synagogue where Jesus proclaimed his message for the Salvation of the world. Feel the sensation of treading on the same ground where Jesus of Nazareth walked once as "He was growing in wisdom, stature and favour with God and man". Visit the 'Nazareth village', a live life size reproduction of Nazareth during Jesus days.

Take time to see the grand Basilica designed as a church for all nations with its spectacular dome and remarkable cosmopolitan mosaics and pieces of art reflecting diverse cultures, the remains of historical churches and houses at its lower level, as well as its museum containing, among other items, the best remaining example of column head sculpture dating back to the twelveth century. Walk over to the Orthodox church and go down to its historical grotto where Mary's well, frequented daily by the Virgin Mary, is located. Take a look in the upper church at the Byzantine style fresco and icons ant the beautifully hand carved wooden iconostas and pulpit dating back to the middle of the eighteenth century, and visit the Byzantine museum close by.

" And then not to forget all those other nice places to visit outside of Nazareth: Lake Galilee, Tabgha and much, much more. When you come and visit us we can explain much more.   

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Vitrage Guest House

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Reviews from our community
"more house that home"
18 May 2022
I'm enjoyed!The room was clear and there was really a lot of space. Also I likes breakfasts, I have to say about the host and his family. They are really good people and want to help you, if you have...
"Great vacation"
21 August 2020
We stayed in the guesthouse for one night, our experience was great, the room was big enough for us with two kids, the breakfast was above our expectations, the guesthouse is extremely clean, very...
"Great place for family with kids"
25 January 2020
We are a family with 2 kids. We came for 1 night and had a great experience. The rooms were clean and big, the host were great and welcoming and the location is ideal. In addition, the breakfast was...
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6083 4, Nazareth

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