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ALREDA offers a combination of authentic free wide world kitchen specialties with classic NAZARETHIAN PALESTINIAN kitchen.
Variety of local and imported wines, ARAK the popular Palestinian liquor, over 35 kinds of Cognac & Armagnac served with homemade chocolate, Gin, Vodka, Tequila and over 85 kinds of Whiskey, Whisky & more.

Located in an aristocratic Palestinian family house from the 19th century OTOMAN empire period.

GROUND FLOOR : stone exterior walls, 200 years old brass coated arched doors and windows.

Inside : one space, four gates & four windows, pink stone floor, natural colors walls, old wood bar, tables and chairs all in wood.

ALREDA IS A SMOKING CLUB, non smokers are absolutely welcome!
Complains concerning smoke are not acceptable!


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Al Rida Restaurant

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Al Rida Restaurant Rank #2 of 80 | Certificate of Excellence 2018
Traveler rating
Excellent: 250
Very good: 56
Average: 21
Poor: 8
Terrible: 9
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Business: 8
Couples: 93
Solo travel: 17
Family: 37
Reviews from our community
"Superb meal and atmosphere"
02 March 2019
This restaurant has a beautiful ottoman feel and cuisine. I went there alone as a woman and ate very well. Be aware that a few men might stare at you if you are an alone woman, but it's due to the...
"Original, surprizing dishes"
21 February 2019
Great food. We were happy to find that the place served dishes that were both original and prepared with great care. It was much more than the all too well known kebab and chips. Things you need to...
"Good atmosphere good food"
07 February 2019
9 pm, the place almos empty but we entered. It was a good decision. Good food, fresh salads, good Kube, and good Alta Balata like pizza but with meat and very good. For dessert we took Kushta el...
Location Information
Al-Bishara 19
11:30am - 11:30pm