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Dewan al-Saraya Restaurant located in the Old City Od Nazareth Next to the vagtibales market.

The Owner of the place called Abu Ashraf and he makes Extremely Tasty Katayef and good arabic coffee.

he's shop/Restaurant is a small living museum full of musical instruments and unique antiques ,metalware, paintings.

There are two different types of Katayef one stuffed with a blend of nuts and cinnamon, and the other stuffed with unsalted goat cheese.

Add some Home made sweet syrup "qateer" to the mix, and the combination is Perfect!.

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Dewan al-Saraya Restaurant

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Dewan al-Saraya Restaurant Rank #10 of 81
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Reviews from our community
"Great food and a lovely host"
09 October 2019
Warning: there are two Abu Ashraf restaurants within 100m of each other (one on the corner and one a bit down the street). If you want to come to this restaurant, you need to go to the one a bit down...
07 October 2019
Great location with nice hummus with a fair price. I would definitely recommend and hope to get back to this place.
"Simply special"
01 October 2019
We went in this restaurant me my husband and 3 friend of us. We were in Israel 17 days and was the best fresh food in all of our trip. The owner is a nice man, that makes the food with passion and...
Location Information
6134 St 2-8, Nazareth
9:00am - 8:30pm